Toronto, ON, Oct. 06, 2019 – more and more people are looking for ways to eat healthily and live a healthier life than ever before AMG Brands saw this as a business opportunity to provide Canadians with foods contents, after a long negotiation with blog owner of Daily Foods.

Daily Foods is a Canadian Food information publisher and health advice you can trust based on research and scientific evidence from experts around the world

AMG Brands has reached to acquire the site for an undisclosed stock amount ” and” will soon join the growing platform of AMG Brands Networks,

AMG Brands has been focusing on acquiring existing digital publishers rather than starting its own publishing platform because existing sites had their own audiences which AMG Brands will plan to monetize thru direct advertisement as well partnering with local health authorities,

Daily Foods founders believe the time is changing and partnering With AMG Brands will provide the brand with newer technologies

For further information: If that wasn’t enough information, you can contact [email protected]