TORONTO, Sept. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On the morning of September 07, 2020, AMG Brands Network Inc. announced that it would be adding high School ranking to University Magazine as part of content strategy to gain younger audiences,

AMG Brands Network has partnered with Niche and US News Education, and Fraser Institute to provide data and strategy for High school ranking, AMG Brands Network plan to add 10 or more writers to the team to help with this new project.  AMG Brands Network Inc has sold off other digital brands to focus on acquiring Brands that will help us with our core values.

Since this is a beta program AMG Brands Network Inc. will be focussing on the following markets Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia. In 2021 we will be rolling out a national program that will keep track of high school ranking nationally.

About AMG Brands Network Inc.

AMG Brands Network Inc. is a Canadian Digital Publisher and, believes in educating thru the power of Digital Content.